KalisiaCos news – Whats going on with us in 2018?

Two Important information! Whats will gonna be with kalisiacos in 2018? If you interested, read it!
From here SZiRO, noob photographer, graphic designer, and also creator of kalisiacos group, investor (who bought everything for cosplay and organize every things). I manage this group, because hard to demand that from Kinofuko that have only 16 years old.

Maybe i will start from beginning. First thing.
Kalisiacos is a cosplay group. Lot of people call that Kinofuko, so its little misstake (On info tab you have written that)
Kalisia is from “Calisia” latin name, one of the oldest city in Poland where i live, Kalisz. Cos is short for cosplay, so its KalisiaCos 😉

I created this group because i love cosplay, especially when i see cute girls and i think you are here by the same reasons 😉
Why i wrote that? Because want to say kalisiacos will not focus only on Kinofuko, but we will gonna get more cute cosplay girls!

I will say more. Probably you can help us in that! Cosplay is not popular in Poland, we have not lot of cosplayers, most of them are hobbist, and cool to see nice cosplay, but better way is to see cute girls in nice cosplay if you know what i mean 😉
Maybe we dont have cosplay popularity, but we have lot of cute, pretty girls in Poland that we can help them to insterest in cosplay, to show them cosplay is something cool and fun.
I think about to create 2nd fanpage, where i will upload photos of normal girls, and you can rate them about potencial for cosplaying 🙂
Tell me, if you are interested in something like that, because i saw lot of super cute girls, but they refuse to try, because they think they are not pretty. Your rate (people who are interested about cosplay), can help to change their mind 😉

2nd information, we probably gonna sell soon imageset with kinofuko cosplaying mysterious heroine x alter. We have lot of images, but for
now i edited over 70 images. Probably set will contain 80-100 images and next we gonna sell it for very, very small amount like 2$.
Of course patrons will get it for free (still profile on patreon will contain some extra things). Special thx for patreons, becuase your donation help me to get back some part of money that i paid for whole proccess for cosplay, that isnt cheap, especially in not rich Poland. Now i can again invest in another cosplay, and i think its gonna be something from love live series 😉

In sum.
– KalisiaCos is a group, that we will try to get more cute cosplay teens.
– We gonna sell soon 1st imageset, and if we get more sell, more money we can invest, so its mean more cosplay. If photos gonna be very fast pirated, this doesnt help us to do cosplay faster, so i warn people with bad will. We are not proffesional group, with 100 000 fans.

Lets make this year good year for kalisiacos to see more cute cosplay girls and much more cosplays! 🙂

As a bonus first version of cover.
Sorry for all misstakes, grammar errors. I just only a Pole

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